Community Manager - Cardano Ambassador Program

Permanent employee, Full-time · Germany, Switzerland

Who we are:

The Cardano Foundation is an independent, Swiss-based not-for-profit organization. The Foundation is tasked with advancing the public digital infrastructure Cardano and works to anchor it as a utility for financial and social systems, thus empowering the digital architects of the future.

The Foundation facilitates the worldwide advancement of Cardano in enterprise applications. It develops infrastructure tooling—including where there may not be an immediate commercial use case—plus strengthens operational resilience, and drives diversity of on-infrastructure use cases as well as the development of sound and representative governance.

Another significant part of the Cardano Foundation’s mission is to engage with and support the Cardano community. The Foundation assists the development of tools the community can use to leverage Cardano to solve problems in new ways.

What you’ll be doing:

A key role at the heart of the Cardano community, the Ambassador Program is seeking an experienced Community Manager with a deep connection and understanding of the Cardano platform and a history of involvement within the Cardano community. The ideal candidate will not only lead the program but also initiate innovative ways to promote and expand the community.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Develop strategies to expand and deepen engagement within the Ambassador Program, focusing strongly on innovation and growth.

  • Maintain and enhance relationships with current and former Ambassadors, supporting their initiatives and promoting their growth within the community.

  • Identify and introduce new incentive systems to reward active participation and long-term engagement.

  • Work closely with the Cardano development team and other stakeholders to ensure the Ambassador Program supports the overall objectives of the platform.

  • Organize and support Ambassador related events and projects globally.

What we look for in you:

At least two years of active participation in the Cardano community, preferably as an Ambassador.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Cardano platform, its technology, objectives, and community dynamics.

  • Experience in community management, ideally in technology or cryptocurrency-related fields.

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to build and maintain relationships within a diverse and global community.

  • Innovative thinking with the ability to develop new concepts that advance the Ambassador Program and the Cardano community.

  • Proficient in Google Sheets, including the use of Google Apps Script for automation and integrating various data sources, with the ability to efficiently manage, analyze, and visualize data to support community management tasks and decision-making.

  • Fluent in English; additional language skills are highly beneficial.

  • Willingness to travel as needed and interact with team members across different time zones.

How you will create impact in this role:

Enhance Community Engagement and Participation

  • Achieve measurable increases in active participation and contributions from Ambassadors by implementing targeted engagement strategies and campaigns.    

  • Develop and facilitate a series of virtual and in-person events that foster networking, collaboration, and learning among Ambassadors.

Strengthen Ambassador Program Structure

  • Innovate and refine the Ambassador Program structure to align with Cardano’s evolving objectives, ensuring it remains relevant and impactful.

  • Implement new tools and processes, such as advanced Google Sheets functionalities and Google Apps Scripts, to streamline communication, project tracking, and data analysis.

Expand Program Reach and Visibility

  • Work with marketing and communications teams to create compelling content that highlights the successes and stories of Ambassadors, thereby attracting new participants and raising the profile of the program.

  • Initiate collaborations with other blockchain and technology communities to cross-promote activities and enhance the visibility of Cardano’s Ambassador Program.

Drive Innovation Within the Program

  • Introduce innovative community engagement tools and platforms that enhance the interactive experience and simplify collaboration among Ambassadors.

  • Regularly solicit feedback from Ambassadors and community members to identify areas for improvement, and implement changes that enhance the overall effectiveness of the program.

How to apply:

Please submit a resume along with a cover letter explaining your experiences within the Cardano Community and your vision for the Ambassador Program. Include examples of projects or initiatives you have led or been significantly involved in within the community and please add your X account.

About us

Cardano Foundation has incredible employees from over 24 nationalities, across 3 continents which you will work collegiately to grow the Foundation. 

Here at Cardano Foundation we are transparent, inclusive, passionate and innovative. As such our mission is to have a positive impact on global change and breed a harmonious working environment for our employees to flourish. 


  • Our employees have the flexibility and freedom to work from home with flexible working hours. 
  • All Cardano Foundation employees will have access to a personal annual learning budget dedicated to personal professional and personal development. 
  • A day a year is dedicated to a departmental team activity fun day out. 
  • Cardano Foundation gives the opportunity to its employees to dedicate a volunteering day to help the greater community or to be an expert in your field of work within the blockchain community. 
  • Employees are given additional day off for their birthday. 
  • Cardano Foundation also rewards days off as per established work anniversaries milestones.

Cardano Foundation strives to provide a diverse, inclusive and welcoming working environment. We are committed being a discrimination free organisation - including discrimination free space with regards to age, religion, race, nationality/ethnic origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Applications from Recruitment Agencies
Cardano Foundation does not accept any applications from recruitment agencies for this position. We refuse any responsibility for unsolicited applications as well as any associated fees. Unsolicited applications will be treated as direct application regardless of the channel through which we receive them. 
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