Self Sovereign Identity Expert

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Who we are:

The Cardano Foundation is the independent, non-profit organization responsible for stewarding the advancement of the public, permissionless blockchain platform Cardano. Our mission is to establish the Cardano blockchain as the future financial and social system of the world for generations to come, driving adoption and facilitating development of the protocol. We aim to de-risk decentralization for regulators and organizations, while also giving the Cardano community the necessary tools and support to leverage the Cardano protocol to solve real world problems.

Based in Switzerland, the Foundation works to facilitate the use of Cardano in mission critical applications across a wide range of industries and markets, anchoring use cases in the off-line world and encouraging active on-chain participation and governance.

What you’ll be doing:

We are seeking a skilled Self-Sovereign-Identity (SSI) Expert to contribute to our ongoing standardization activities which include active research for new standards in the blockchain domain and applications build on this technology like self-sovereign-identity solutions, supply chain tracking, digital certification, educational badges and general system interoperability in the domain of decentralized or Web3 applications. Furthermore, you will contribute to our engagement in different standardization groups and drive the adoption of technical standards introduced by our own developments.

The ideal candidate has an excellent knowledge about standards in the aforementioned domains and is eager to dig deep into the field of international standardization. You are an excellent communicator and able to document complex technical subjects in a concise and still easy to comprehend manner.

  • Research the latest standards in blockchain technology, decentralized or Web3 applications, data interoperability on global scale businesses like Supply Chain Tracking, Digital Identity, eVoting etc. and provide this information in a concise and applicable manner to the intended target groups like software development teams, product owners, marketing and partnerships management.

  • Transfer internal requirements and developments into existing standards and contribute to our activities to impact international standardization efforts.

What we look for in you:
  • In-depth knowledge of relevant standardization groups, ongoing activities and existing released or upcoming standards in the blockchain and general decentralized applications/Web3 domain.

  • Decent knowhow about blockchain technology, established standards (like BIP-44, BIP-39 etc.), cryptographic methods involved and applications built on top of those technologies.

  • Demonstrate familiarity with trends in the blockchain industry including applications with transaction metadata, digital signatures, data hashes, tokenization, and open-source tooling.

  • Review industry standards for digital identity related to frameworks for regulatory market inclusion and industry application standards which brings additional maturity to Cardano. Proficient in technical writing about blockchain related topics.

  • You are kind and respectful of others’ opinions and you are open and act with integrity when engaging in academic or technical discussions.

  • Proficient English language and communication skills.

  • Self motivated, independent and well organized. Someone who works well on her own and with a team.

Nice to have:
  • In-depth Cardano specific knowledge about applied cryptography methods, the consensus and networking protocols as well as the staking and reward mechanisms.

  • Show the ability to connect strategies to solve business problems and a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges organizations face with implementing blockchain applications.

About us

Cardano Foundation has incredible employees from over 24 nationalities, across 3 continents which you will work collegiately to grow the Foundation. 

Here at Cardano Foundation’s we are transparent, inclusive, passionate and innovative. As such our mission is to have a positive impact on global change and breed a harmonious working environment for our employees to flourish. 


  • Our employees have the flexibility and freedom to work from home with flexible working hours. 
  • All Cardano Foundation employees will have access to a personal annual learning budget dedicated to personal professional and personal development. 
  • A day a year is dedicated to a departmental team activity fun day out. 
  • Cardano Foundation gives the opportunity to its employees to dedicate a volunteering day to help the greater community or to be an expert in your field of work within the blockchain community. 
  • Employees are given additional day off for their birthday. 
  • Cardano Foundation also rewards days off as per established work anniversaries milestones.

Cardano Foundation strives to provide a diverse, inclusive and welcoming working environment. We are committed being a discrimination free organisation - including discrimination free space with regards to age, religion, race, nationality/ethnic origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Applications from Recruitment Agencies
Cardano Foundation does not accept any applications from recruitment agencies for this position. We refuse any responsibility for unsolicited applications as well as any associated fees. Unsolicited applications will be treated as direct application regardless of the channel through which we receive them. Please get in touch with our Talent Acquisition Team at to discuss recruitment services and do not contact Cardano Foundation employees directly.
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